SWATA Women’s Conference Prayer Directives

We want God to move and in expectation of God moving, we are preparing ourselves with prayer and fasting. The fast days are every Thursday and Friday until 3:00 pm starting August 4th and ending August 26th. We also ask that you join us on Friday mornings for prayer.

During your personal prayer time please agree with us in prayer by praying the following directives:

Father we plead the blood of Jesus over this year’s conference, the speakers, volunteers and women who will attend in-person and virtually.

We come against every device that has been fashioned, formed or spoken against our weakness and declare that it will not prosper. We declare Isaiah 54:17.

We dispatch the angels of the Lord to protect our properties and all that concerns us.

We declare we have supernatural ambassadorial coverage, protection and security as we stand in the gap of intercession for this conference, and each other.

We bind selfishness, strife, division, jealousy, insecurities and fears that produce sisterhood disruption and prevent us from coming together as one.

We loose the spirit of unity, cooperation, support, compassion and empathy in our hearts.

We declare that we are anointed to do what you have called us to do.

We declare that destiny and purposes are released, established and secured.

We declare that strategy, support and strength is received.

We declare that the spirit of faith rises on us as a corporate body of women for our families, assignment and to obtain promises.

We declare that we unite, mobilize and operate in the power of agreement and demons have to flee.

We declare we love one another and that we as women celebrate, support and encourage each other.

We declare that we become a sister’s keeper and begin to intercede for each other, provoke each other to faith, to serve God and to walk righteously.

We declare that we as women have compassion for those who are hurting and broken and we do not shut up our bowels of compassion.

We declare that we as women discern our value, worth and who we are in Christ.

We declare that this is the year of soul healing and deliverance.

We declare that we break free from intimidation and doubt that hinders us from walking fully in our purpose and calling.

We declare that we as women take our authority over the spirit of oppression, and spirit of hatred over women.

We declare that we as women take our authority over child abduction, abuse , trafficking and enslavement of men and women throughout this world.

We declare that all of the services are anointed and yokes are destroyed in our lives. We are free from debt, sicknesses and disease.

We declare that all of our families are well.

We call back the back slider and declare salvation to our family, friends and our communities.

We declare that our marriages are the God-kind of marriages. We cover them in the blood of Jesus.

We plead the blood of Jesus over our families and declare that our families are strong , healthy and free from dysfunction.

We declare that our children are healthy and covered in the blood of Jesus.

We declare that our communities are safe places to live and for our children to play.

We take our authority over any substance, demonic snares and destiny destroyers that are in our children’s lives. We call them free,  healed, delivered and walking in purpose and destiny.

We take our authority over gun violence and loose peace.

We pray for those who have been victims of gun violence.

We pray for women who are dealing with miscarriage, that you heal and help them to have faith to believe that they will have children.

We pray for mothers who are grieving for children who have transitioned.

Father, we thank you that our prayers take on missile-like ability and hit the targets and bring results, change and manifestation in your people’s lives.

Thank you for anointing us to move as She Force in Jesus’ Name.